Piazza Navona – My First Novel In Review

5star-shiny-hrThe past six months I’ve published, marketed, advertised, revised, played agent, negotiator and more to get my first novel Piazza Navona off the ground. E-book first of course, released November 2013 and in exactly one week, I will have the books available in print. Very exciting of course. The best part of this process, with lots of downfalls and obstacles, I managed to get the book reviewed by a professional review company and received five out of five stars. I figured I’d share the reviews with you all, since I cannot contain my excitement:

Anne-Marie Reynolds for Reader’s Favorite – 5 star ratingPiazza Navona had me laughing, crying, and cringing – not at the book itself but at some of the things that happened. Knowing how hard it is to get a first novel off the ground, I applaud M.L. Kilian for succeeding with this one. The characters fit the story line a treat and everything blends together in a mix of romance, sadness, and laughter, a real uplifting voyage of discovery. I can’t wait for part 2!

Ray Simmons for Reader’s Favorite – 5 star ratingM.L. Kilian has painted an emotional and accurate picture of an American woman dealing with the sudden realization that the safe, secure, comfortable marriage that is the center of her life is over.Piazza Navona is well written and paints a very realistic portrait of one version of the modern American family.
M.L. Kilian has crafted a poignant and very satisfying story here.

Lit Amri for Reader’s Favorite – 5 star ratingIt is about ordinary people, with ordinary life’s ups and downs, but Piazza Navona is a fascinating read that rivals any action-packed, sci-fi or horror novels that have grander plots. Simply put, M.L. Kilian’s novel is utterly engaging and readers will not want to miss the second part of the story.

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