Information Overload – Indie Publishing

tumblr_mvha7iJnD61rs1spbo1_400As I navigate my way through the internet in search of indie author publishing companies, I find more and more roadblocks and surprises than I thought was possible. I usually believe human contact is the best and internet second, but in the case of two incidences, I received ‘buffered’ information or NO information and after paying for a service, discovered the full disclosure of what they really offer.  I’d like to say its my fault, but not really, because the purpose of these companies  should be to help guide you correctly, answering questions not even asked to make sure the buyer is aware of the in between, even if it means, cautioning the buyer over the top.

Do I sound a little bitter. Sorry if I do, but I am a little disappointed to get such poor service and want to share what to look out for – incase you plan to publish your own book.

1. Watch out for wording in nicely packages marketing material, luring you.
2. Clarify line by line the meaning of words like “International Distribution” “100pct royalties” “Full Marketing package”
3.The fact online e-book gurus can price adjust your book on their sites to drum up sales – by having a sale, without your approval.
4. Most of the time the customer service department doesn’t really know what’s going on. 5. Don’t always follow the star ratings on a website, instead draw your own conclusion. Giving a company over 3 stars doesn’t always mean it’s worthy of the rating.
6. Much more.. email me if you like more details


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