Book 1 – Piazza Navona – A Heartwarming Novel

The distribution company finally corrected the mistake of putting out the wrong book and I am proud to say it’s ready to be downloaded through Amazon and every other e-book site. My first novel – Piazza Navona – a very proud accomplishment indeed. So far, I’m happy to report the reviews have been amazing and … Continue reading Book 1 – Piazza Navona – A Heartwarming Novel

My First Novel – Piazza Navona

I hesitated posting a blog entry today, which I do on occasion, while thinking about the topic and then I walked into my office this morning to discover that my first novel hit Amazon Kindle  and is in queue to become available through other e-book means: iBookstore, Sony, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Page … Continue reading My First Novel – Piazza Navona