A Strange Feeling…

My editor sent me a text yesterday to tell me she tested positive for COVID and was being rushed to the hospital to remain in their care for the next fourteen days. She ended her text with – I hope I make it

I did not see the text for a couple of hours, since I was busy doing my weekly grocery, and essential need shopping. But the moment I did, I sent her a response offering her my prayers.

What an awful feeling?

A gut-wrenching, bolder-in-throat, stomach turning, concern over a close someone now going through what’s been the worst nightmare for so many others. Which thus far, I’ve only been reading about. But to, actually know someone impacted, simply resuscitated my feelings of helplessness and set-back any optimism I was sensing.

I’ve marked my calendar for fourteen days, and hopeful that I will share a positive update.

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