Happy New Year Indeed…


I am not one who likes to reflect on the past. But only because I am determined to lead a positive life. I feel the past, although it is what shaped me into who I am today, has a tendency to hold me back from moving forward. Especially if I dwell, reflect or ponder over the negatives.

But, I suppose it comes naturally, at the end of each year, to reflect. Even if for a few days or hours – about what we have achieved, or not. The loved ones we lost, weddings we attended, and all things which are part of life.

If I had to reflect on one thing that stirred my emotions in 2015. It would have to be the attack on Paris, and the subsequent tragedy of a dear friend committing suicide. Everything else I experienced, whether good or bad, was simply bits and pieces of life as we know it.

There isn’t much I could say that I learned from either experience. Except maybe a reminder that we cannot allow fear to get the best of us, and we have to make honest time for those who need us the most.  After all, life is too short, and we only get once chance to living it as best as we possibly can.

If I were asked the question, what would be my New Year resolution going into 2016? I would have to say – TO STRIVE ONWARD, and to be happy and as grateful as I can be. I would have to add, make a conscious effort to spend less time on gadgets, and more time with family. Be outdoors even more, and not take for granted what life really has to offer.

And with that, I wish you all a very happy New Year.

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