Paris It Is..For a Novel Giveaway

Made it to Paris, after a long train ride from Cannes, and when I say long, I mean long. The train broke down in Avignon making the five-hour journey into an eight-hour one.  But it was fine. I spent the extra hours working on novel 3, and outlining novel 4, which came to mind while I was walking about the promenade in St. Tropez.

I am now in Paris, and after getting a good night sleep, ready to tackle this fascinating city, walking through the back roads, pondering, creating stories in my head.

I will be in the following bookstores in the next coming days, and if you happen to be in town, by all means, drop me a line and we can meet and have a chat and I will send you a free copy of my first novel Piazza Navona:

WHSmith –  248 Rue de Rivoli Paris
Shakespeare and Co –  37 Rue de la Bucheri
Galignani – Rue de Rivoli 1st
San Francisco Book Company –  17 Rue le M. Prince 6th
Berkeley Books of Paris 8 Rue Casimir Delavigne 6th


{For all bookstore links, please click here}


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