Pointers From Indie Authors News – Well Taken


Excuse me for a second, while I put on my marketing hat. I read this article, like many other articles, positively suggesting how to promote or market, well myself as an author, aiming to make my novel(s) a success. Since I am determined, I read and take into consideration many of the suggestions, pumped mostly at the thought of seeing my book in the limelight very soon. I’ve been rejected here and there like most new artists and although that hasn’t stopped me from persevering, it has made me re-evaluate how to move forward, pushing even harder. Indie Author’s News had the following suggestions, click here for the detailed version and I have to say, I’ve adopted all of them, well minus advertising a brand in my book. A great idea and one I will for sure consider next. Being open to suggestion is key, to stay positive and focused on how far to go to get your novel noticed. Until then check out the article:

1. Talk about your book to EVERYONE.  (check)

2. Speaking of beer… Combine your book with product. *** something to consider

3. DO give your social pages swag. (check)

4. Authors…for creative sanity: (check)

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