Describe A Period In Your Life…

My first assignment for the Spring semester – I knew would be a heartfelt reflection most easy to recollect:

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  1. Your memory is delightful. I love the image of you as a small child sitting on a small stool by the kitchen door, listening to the sounds of women talking together as they cook. I also love the image of waking up to smells of exotic spices and garlic. I wondered how to describe “the feeling I long for to this day.” Is it a feeling of being connected that you miss? I miss that. There are too few opportunities in life that offers a special connection among people by doing daily tasks together and enjoying each moment in the present. I look forward to reading more of your work during the next few weeks.


    Susan S.


  2. Hello, Mania,

    I haven’t yet read the bios, but your lovely moment of nostalgia makes me think of places far, far away. Perhaps it was your reference to the “entire clan” or the “smell of exotic spices and garlic.” It sounds absolutely idyllic. Where is that “somewhere in the countryside” and what kinds of food were being prepared? I’d love to know more.



  3. Hi Mania,

    You have captured really well the feeling of connection around a campfire, smelling and eating food and feeling part of something bigger like family. It’s a feeling of connection and community that I long for as well. Thank you.



  4. Hi Mania,

    Thoughtfully written. I could smell the food, feel the love in the family, and picture you sitting nearby, gathering memories that you treasure to this day. Thank you.



  5. Mania–

    The hustle and bustle of modern American vacations, when contrasted with your memory, leaves me thinking that we all need to slow down, and in doing so, enjoy life more. Thanks,Bob


  6. Mania,

    What a lovely memory to have as an adult. Observing women preparing meals is a classic way to get inside a culture, for both writers and anthropologists.



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