Piazza Navona – My First Novel In Review

The past six months I’ve published, marketed, advertised, revised, played agent, negotiator and more to get my first novel Piazza Navona off the ground. E-book first of course, released November 2013 and in exactly one week, I will have the books available in print. Very exciting of course. The best part of this process, with … Continue reading Piazza Navona – My First Novel In Review

Soul Mates – Creative Thinking

I believed in soul mates differently in my teens mostly, and maybe all the way through my early thirties. While I continue to gather material for all the novels I plan to write, I question if there is such a thing as a soul mate? Just because we have something in common with another person … Continue reading Soul Mates – Creative Thinking

Challenges of an Indie Author

I have to say a year ago, I thought writing a book would be the most difficult thing to do. Well, I was wrong. Marketing and advertising has topped the list of everything difficult an author is faced with in regards to making her/his book noticed and read. Of course the internet is saturated with … Continue reading Challenges of an Indie Author