It’s Been A While

I owe my followers an explanation or perhaps just an update. When I decided to create my author page, I was on the verge of publishing my first book, but as we say in the US ‘stuff happened.’  I travelled, did another six revisions to the book and had numerous issues with editing, cover design … Continue reading It’s Been A While

Idea Into A Novel

All the signs were there, all of my life and I never paid much attention to them. I’ve always been able to create stories, from most anything I see, hear, experience or imagine. The stories have always been there and it took a hundred years for me to finally put a book out there and … Continue reading Idea Into A Novel

The Difficulties of Writing

I have to say, writing a novel has been the most challenging for me. Not so much because I couldn’t let my imagination flow, but because, others would read and judge my work. I cannot tell you how much I have panicked, felt discouraged, almost given up on my dream and my hard work. But, … Continue reading The Difficulties of Writing

First Book – Piazza Navona

In Piazza Navona, an American woman, determined to heal her wounded heart by running away from her life in San Francisco, stumbles upon a lifestyle in Rome, she’d never imagine was possible. While living vicariously through others and on occasion taking risks beyond imagination, she finds answers to her despair in the most engaging and … Continue reading First Book – Piazza Navona